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About Our Platform

SatData is satellite date exchange platform allowing to connect ground-stations with satellite operators, aim to optimize expenses for operators and allow radio amateurs and ground stations owners to earn by collecting data.

Global GS Network

SatData is a Global Ground Sations Network (GGSN, GS - ground-station), that consists of in-house stations as a backbone for the network and multitude of radio amateurs around the globe that sharing their hardware.

Data Collection & Aggregation

Our network includes own, in-house ground stations we set in different location and a broad network of radio-ameteurs and ground station owners that share their hardware for collecting data. Some of the nodes allow uplink communications, but 80% of GS are for downlink only. Users collect data while satellite orbiting Earth and forward it to SaData for aggregation and notifications..

Bandwidth Extensible

SDR technology allows us to cover any operators needs by tuning in a particular bands or switching seemlessly between sessions. Having 90% load for our GGS network booked, providing support to different missions.

Scheduling communication

Our in-house software allows downlink scheduling and planning for operators and automtic session initiation for ground station owners. Scheduling allow to plan ahead and operate your own Virtual Ground Stations Network.

Easy To Customize

We listen to our customers and provide integrations and features on-demand to support specific cases of your mission.

SatData Tracking Device

All in one hardware that you can lease and become groundstation, starting to earn money tomorrow in a passive way. SatData provides hardware. antenna equipment and documentation. You just need to find place to install it, connect power and Internet. You'll be rewarded with FCT tokens for data collection and bonuses for setting up an active monitoring beacon..